FAQs: DALLAS Biotin Thickening Treatment
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FAQs: DALLAS Biotin Thickening Treatment

Learn the step-by-step on Dallas Thickening Treatment and browse helpful FAQs.

How to use: DALLAS Biotin Thickening Treatment

Big hair on the brain? Let's take it up a notch! Meet Dallas Biotin Thickening Treatment. A perfect compliment to the fan-favorite Dallas Shampoo + Conditioner, this rich in-shower treatment makes added volume and frizz control a mainstay for days.

With a formula that plumps up each individual strand of hair plus nourishing ingredients that fight flyaways for up to 10 washes, getting lasting bounce and instant volume just being a bigger deal. Ready for sky-high statement hair? Here's what to do:

Step 1: Wash hair with Dallas Biotin Thickening Shampoo.

Step 2: In place of your regular conditioner, apply Dallas Biotin Thickening Treatment to hair.

Step 3: Let the treatment soak into hair for 5 minutes.

Step 4: Rinse, dry and style as desired.

Step 5: Use once a week or as needed.

Got questions? Browse the FAQs

Q: Can I use this as a styling product?

A: This is a rinse-off product designed to be applied on wet hair in place of your regular conditioner. If you are looking for a complimentary styler you can use the Dallas Thickening Spray

Q: Can I use this more than once a week?

A: Of course! Though this special formula offers results you'll see for up to 10 washes in between uses.

Q: Do I need to blowdry for results?

A: Nope! Dallas Thickening Treatment will plump and lift each individual strand of hair, leaving you with weightless body, whether you blowdry, airdry or something in between!

Q: What are the main ingredients?


BIOTIN + BASIL EXTRACT: Strengthen, improve elasticity + seal split ends

RICE STARCH: Plumps strands for fuller thicker, more voluminous hair

LACTIC ACID + PRO VITAMIN B5: Nourish, detangle + provide antioxidant protection

QUINOA SEED + GINSENG ROOT: Tame frizz and deliver bounce + shine

Q: Does this add texture and wave to hair too?

A: Dallas Thickening Treatment works in minutes to build volume and thickness that works with your natural hair texture!

Q: Can I apply this on my roots?

A: The formula is light enough to apply to roots as well, without weighing hair down or adding excess oils. We suggest applying starting at the ends and working up to roots while massaging into hair


Biotin Thickening Treatment
Helps build texture for a long-lasting, voluminous effect.
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