James Pecis for Thom Browne: Mile High Hair + Fashion

James Pecis for Thom Browne: Mile High Hair + Fashion

For designer Thom Browne’s off-season show in NYC, R+Co guest artist James Pecis created playful, avant-garde finishes that complemented the high-fashion, theatrical collection.

For designer Thom Browne’s off-season show in New York City, R+Co guest artist James Pecis collaborated with a team of R+Co global educators and stylists to create playful, avant-garde finishes that complement Thom Browne’s high-fashion, theatrical collection.

“R+Co has so many different styling products that are meant to be used backstage, so we can achieve these extreme looks,” James says. “This is not a simple natural look—this is very extreme so we need products like VICIOUS Strong Hold Hairspray that we know will hold the hair in place.”

Each of the 50+ models had their own, unique placement and design—no two looks were identical. Models walked the teddy bear-drenched runway either sporting a ponytail adorned with geometric spheres or wearing a hat in a similar, bulbed silhouette.

To get the look, hair was first prepped with R+Co BLEU Highest Volumizing Mousse, applied section by section beginning in the nape.

Hair was then combed and, working in one-inch sections, a combination of R+Co VICIOUS Strong Hold Flexible Hairspray and R+Co OUTER SPACE Flexible Hairspray was saturated over the section with a goal to keep the hair tight against the head as the foundation for the spheres.

Hair was pressed flat against the head, contoured with the grain, and secured at the nape with an elastic. The lengths of the hair were braided, and R+Co BLEU Highest Volumizing Mousse was used to control any flyaways.

The prepared balls were then anchored to the head by placing hairpins at the base to secure.

“This show is the perfect juxtaposition of high fashion, theater and playful elements,” says R+Co Global Educator Ania Lisikiewicz. “I feel lucky to help create such a monumental experience.