Tame your tangles with R+Co's CANDY STRIPE PROTECT + PREP SPRAY
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Tame your tangles with R+Co's CANDY STRIPE PROTECT + PREP SPRAY

Let's talk about the struggle many of us know too well: managing knotty, tangled hair. If wrestling with stubborn knots and tangles is part of your everyday hair norm, it may be time to up the innovation in your routine.

Haircare has come a long way and we're in the age of innovative simplification, aka: multitasking products are IN. That's why we've got big love for R+Co's CANDY STRIPE PROTECT PREP DETANGLING SPRAY.

This detangling hair spray is great to spritz into dry or wet hair to instantly prevent breakage and seal the cuticle. Plus, it's got 450°F heat protection which leaves hair smooth from roots-to-ends with just a touch of hold and weightless hydration.

So, what's the secret sauce? Let's break it down:

Matcha Tea Extract: Your major hair nurturer. It swoops in to detangle without skimping on serious TLC - sealing the cuticle and kissing split ends goodbye.

Brazilian Pink Berry + Cocoa Extracts: Hydration without the heaviness? Yes, please! These ingredients absorb in record time, leaving your hair feeling like a fluffy cloud.

Mint + Peruvian Ginseng Extracts: If you dream of breezing through a brush session without the drama, these ingredients will get you there. They're all about preventing breakage and making your mane easier to handle.

Heat protection up to 450°F: Yep, you heard that right. This is the cherry on top to keep your strands out of the fry-zone, and ultimately, smoother and less knotted in the long run.

Bottom line? If you're ready to bid farewell to tangles and hello to smooth, happy hair, Candy Stripe Detangling Spray is a valuable addition to your routine.

Wanna take it a step further? Sometimes the brush you're using can cause more harm than good. Make a switch to something extra-gentle like the R+Co Detangling Brush. Your mane will thank you later.