Shield your hair from heat damage with HOT SPELL Blow Out Balm
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Shield your hair from heat damage with HOT SPELL Blow Out Balm

Heat happens! Learn how to protect your hair from up to 450°F of heat from your styling tools.

Unless you're going au natural all day, every day (which we love!) you're probably doing a bit of damage every time you blow dry, curl, straighten or wave your hair. We know the power of a good style, so though it'd be nice to have our strands fall perfectly into place after each wash, hot tools are a mainstay for those of us that want a little extra polish.

Here's the thing, heat on the hair can be reallyyyy damaging, so R+Co has been at work formulating a protectant that can stand up to the tools we don't want to go without and keep our hair healthy.

HOT SPELL Thermotech Blow Out Balm does just that. The silky balm formula protects hair from up to 450°F heat (!!!) on contact and also helps tame unruly hair and stubborn curl patterns into your hottest, sleekest blowout.

The heat protection alone is enough to make us "ooo" and "ahh", but it's the styling benefits this unique balm has that seal the deal. It smooths frizz + flyaways, seals hair cuticles and tames split ends, stands up to humidity, AND speeds up blow-dry time. JUST WOW.

If this is the product you've been waiting for, here's the need-to-know on why it's important, how to use it, what to expect, and tips for keeping your hair at its healthiest, even in the highest heat!

Q: What happens to hair when it’s heat styled?

A: When heat is applied directly to hair, it can break down essential proteins that damage the hair cuticle, causing hair to become dry and prone to breakage.

Q: What happens to unprotected hair?

A: If you're using hot tools often, or even a few times a month without heat protection, your hair can become weaker with each use, which means more breakage, frizz, split ends, and unmanageable dryness.

Q: What are heat protectants and why do we need them?

A: Just as you use sunscreen to protect your skin, a blow dry or heat styling product with thermal protection shields hair from heat; preventing damage, split ends, and breakage. Hot Spell does that and can even extend your blowout and stand up against humidity.

Q: How much heat protectant should you apply?

A: With Hot Spell, a few pumps of the silky balm emulsified in your hands and applied to wet hair before you blow dry is enough!

Q: Can I use this on dry hair before using a curling or flat iron?

A: Totally! Use the same method of pumping the product into your hands first, and then apply the product to dry hair from roots to ends.

Q: I'm used to a heat protectant spray - what's different about the balm form?

A: We created this balm to be a powerful heat protectant + potent care and a styling assistant as you use your hot tools. Our balm formula allows us to pack a punch of nourishing ingredients that help smooth hair, stands up to humidity, add shine, and build bounce. Plus, as you emulsify the balm in your hands, it transforms into a versatile cream that applies to hair with ease.

Q: Can I re-style with hot tools multiple times if I've applied Hot Spell after washing and haven't washed my hair again?

No need to reapply Hot Spell every time you style! Touch-ups with hot tools will still benefit from heat protection and other benefits from the first time you applied! Just be sure to re-apply after every time you wash your hair.


ThermoTech Blow Out Balm 450° F Protection
Smooth, bouncy blowout with 450° F heat protection.
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