Scalp scrubs are suddenly everywhere. Here's why.
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Scalp scrubs are suddenly everywhere. Here's why.

Scalp care is no different than skincare. Remove build-up and stimulate follicles for hair health that makes strands shine.

If you've kept up with the beauty industry for the last 5 years or so, you've likely been present for the big bang of multi-sticks, the rise of face oil, and the instant embrace of the so chic middle part. In the world of skin and hair care, trends will always come and go, but some products and techniques stick around for the long haul. Why? Because they ACTUALLY do something amazing for your look, your routine, or your health.

The newest member of the must-have product club is a scalp scrub and for good reason. Maybe it's because many of us have never really seen our scalp beneath our head of hair, but the scalp is just an extension of the skin on your face. Strange to think about, but valuable knowledge when thinking about how to take care of it.

Though many shampoos and conditioners are made with high-quality cleansers and hydrators, without proper exfoliation, just like your face, build-up is bound to happen.

Now, your scalp may not break out or dull from that build-up (at least that you can tell), but where skin ailments lessen, the effect on the hair follicle soars. What does that mean? Your hair growth slows, your hair loses it's luster and vital natural nutrients may get block from nourishing your strands.

Enter the scalp scrub. Using one regularly - anywhere from once a week to three times a week - gives you the deep clean that your scalp desperately needs. It'll stimulate hair follicles from the root to help the hair to grow efficiently. Plus, using a scalp scrub brings harmony back to hair that helps with manageability and natural shine.

If you don't yet have a scalp scrub in your repertoire, CRYSTAL HALO from R+Co is a fast-loved new face in the market. It's got fine, sugar-based granules that scrub away and dissolve in the just the right amount of time for a scrub that turns into the replacement for your shampoo. We love that there are no extra steps involved!

Sugarcane and coconut extract gently cleanse and remove dead skin and product buildup, while white mulberry bark detoxifies and stimulates circulation. Plus, blueberry extract and glycerin prevent breakage and provide anti-oxidant protection for healthier strands.

The bottom line, we think scalp scrubs are here to stay. Need to add one in asap?


Balancing Scalp Scrub + Shampoo
Energizes follicles to lift impurities and dead skin cells to be gently rinsed away.
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