R+Co Australia Collaborates with Artist Evi O on Holiday Kits

R+Co Australia Collaborates with Artist Evi O on Holiday Kits

R+Co Australia's first art collaboration with Evi O + Saint Cloche brings key brand values to life to tell a vibrant and colorful story through the artist's signature abstract shapes.

R+Co stands for Rogue and Collective, and is based on a collective approach to hairstyling. This celebration of experimentation, design and artistry goes beyond hair, reflected in R+Co’s approach to packaging and art.

In this spirit, R+Co Australia literally dreamt outside the box and celebrated its first art collaboration for limited-edition holiday kit packaging designed by Evi O and Saint Cloche.

“Collaborating with R+Co is a great example where a brand truly lives by its values,” Evi O says. “Love the idea of me being the ‘Rogue’ in this Collective collaboration, as they allow expressing their brand through a pure artist's lens.”

Evi O, designer and director of Evi O Studios, is an award-winning designer and self-taught artist based in Marrickville, Sydney, Australia. Through paint, Evi O explores the use of dominant abstract shapes that denote an experience, place, a style or attitude.

Evi O incorporated the key brand values into her design approach and brought them to life via the use of her signature abstract shapes to tell a vibrant and colorful story.

“My current definition of a holiday is tunes on road trips, and the three pieces draw inspiration from this,” she says. “A positive community as musical harmony, worshipping nature I see on road trips, symbolizing the value of being sustainable, and last, genuine curiosity that fuels my constant exploration.”

Take a look at each kit design below.