What You Should Know About Heat Protectants
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What You Should Know About Heat Protectants

Calling all blowdryers and heat stylers. Question - are you using a heat protectant?

Calling all blowdryers and heat stylers. Question - are you using a heat protectant?

If hot tools are a mainstay in your hair routine, you should be. Regularly applying heat to hair can cause major damage to strands by breaking bonds that can't mend, leaving hair dry, brittle, and prone to breakage.

Luckily, hair tech has come a long way, and heat protectants, like R+Co's CHAINMAIL Thermal Protection Spray shields hair from damage up to 450° F, so you can keep your iconic blowouts and get some added style benefits, like shine and volume, along the way.

If you're new to heat protectants, we've rounded up our most frequently asked questions to help you keep your hair at its healthiest.

What is a heat protectant?

Heat protectants act as a shield, creating a barrier between your precious strands and the high temperatures from styling tool to keep you from damaging your hair every time you style.

How do I use a heat protectant spray?

Spritz on a fine layer of product to damp hair before you blowdry, or to dry hair before you heat style.

How high can I make the temperature on my hot tool with a heat protectant?

Claims and testing on different heat protectants can vary, but many sprays, like CHAINMAIL, protect hair up to 450° F.

Do I need to reapply if I restyle later in the day?

Many heat protectants will stay active until you wash your hair, but using a formula that offers a fine spray makes it easy to re-spritz for extra protection before you restyle.

Will it make my hair greasy?

Nope! Heat protection sprays are designed to be lightweight and act as an invisible barrier for hair and heat, though sometimes they can include extra styling benefits. CHAINMAIL, for example, adds weightless, non-greasy shine to strands.

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