Formula Alert: Fresh R+COLOR for Karlie Kloss
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Formula Alert: Fresh R+COLOR for Karlie Kloss

Salon owner, celebrity stylist and R+COLOR Collective member Jenna Perry refreshes Karlie Kloss' look using R+COLOR. 

Imagery courtesy of @karliekloss Instagram

Karlie Kloss, who has long been known for not just her modeling prowess but also for her trend-setting hair looks, recently unveiled a chic transformation, opting for a lustrous Dark Chocolate brunette hue thanks to R+COLOR by R+Co.

Colorist Jenna Perry, who is a salon owner in NYC, celebrity stylist and R+COLOR Collective member, says she formulated this brunette shade to perfectly enhance Karlie's eye color and complement her skin tone.

"R+COLOR has brought Karlie’s hair health back up to par since being blonde," Jenna says.

The integrated BondTech in R+COLOR safeguards the structural integrity of the hair, ensuring its protection. Infused with the potent antioxidant-rich Hyperdrive Complex and micro-pigments, the formula effectively reaches the hair cortex, contributing to long-lasting color vibrancy. During the service, Hair Therapy Complex works to shield and nourish the hair, leaving it exceptionally conditioned and brilliantly shiny, while Scalp Therapy Complex provides a protective barrier for even the most sensitive scalps, guarding against irritation.

"Karlie's hair is now so shiny and it really shows in pictures," Jenna says.


Formula 1: OMNIPRESENT Liqui-Crème Permanent 4NG/4.03 (Mojave) with 10-volume MOMENTUM developer.

Formula 2: STELLAR Demi-Permanent 5G/5.3 (Autumn) with 5-volume MOMENTUM developer

Step 1: Apply OMNIPRESENT Formula 1 on dry hair at the root for a deeper deposit. Process for 30 minutes.

Step 2: Apply gloss at the shampoo bowl, using STELLAR Formula 2, a shade lighter than the base, through the ends for shine. Process for 5 minutes.

Jenna is the brains behind the color chemistry for many of today's most in-demand color looks seen on celebrities, beauty editors and trend-setters around the globe. In addition to working with Karlie the past two years, and transforming her from a blonde by taking her "to the dark side," Jenna also is a member of the R+COLOR Collective--testing new shades, showcasing her techniques, and sharing her love of R+COLOR both in the salon and online.

Stay inspired by Jenna by following her on Instagram @jennaperryhair.

In a recent R+Co Talk Radio podcast interview, she shares her love of R+COLOR and details how she went from being a small-town girl with big dreams to taking a gigantic bite out of the Big Apple with her Jenna Perry Hair salon, booming clientele and star-studded roster of clients. Hear all about what it’s like working with celebrities, how she got her big break, and why she chose to partner with R+COLOR by listening in here.

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Imagery courtesy of @karliekloss Instagram

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