FAQs: TELEPORT Flexible Control Hydra Gelee
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FAQs: TELEPORT Flexible Control Hydra Gelee

Meet TELEPORT Flexible Control Hydra Gelee. Learn how to use our newest styling product + FAQs. 

How to use: TELEPORT Flexible Control Hydra Gelee

Let's talk TELEPORT Flexible Control Hydra Gelee - which is, in our own words, hair gel for people who don't like hair gel. A little goes a long way with it's lightweight texture, buildable hold, styling polymers that enhance your natural wave pattern for a precise, freshly styled finish, without the feared crunch factor of a typical gel.

With soft-touch texture, plus hydration, bounce and frizz control, TELEPORT is a fast favorite for hair of all types. Ready to teleport to touchable, tousled hair? Here's a step by step:

Step 1: Warm a small amount of product between hands

Step 2: Apply evenly to damp hair

Step 3: Style as desired with a blow dryer, or let hair air dry to tame frizz and amplify your natural wave or enhance your style with moveable hold.


Q: Can I use hot tools with this?

A: Totally! TELEPORT will add texture and a flexible hold to hair to maintain your hairstyle for longer.

Q: What's the finish?

A: You'll get a natural sheen when hair dries, not too shiny or matte!

Q: Will this create texture for flat, straight hair?

A: Definitely - TELEPORT will help build hold and texture into hair + helps heat styling last longer.

Q: Can this be used on shorter hair?

A: Absolutely! TELEPORT features a lightweight texture which is great for shorter styles and detailed cuts.

Q: Is it air-dry friendly?

A: Yes! Apply, tousle and let dry to enhance your natural wave patterns, tame frizz, and add hydration and movement.

Q: Any pro tips?

A: Try TELEPORT on bangs for the perfectly precise, yet effortless look!


Flexible Control Hydra Gelee
Provides buildable hold and adds smooth, subtle shine.
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