Behind the Shoot: Marwa Bashir on Styling Robert Plant for Vanity Fair
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Behind the Shoot: Marwa Bashir on Styling Robert Plant for Vanity Fair

R+Co Collective member Marwa Bashir gives a breakdown on how she styled Robert Plant's curls for Vanity Fair.

Hairstylist and colorist Marwa Bashir, an R+Co Collective member based in Nashville, recently had the opportunity to style Robert Plant for a Vanity Fair shoot with fellow musician and collaborator Alison Krauss.

"Being a huge music lover, getting to style one of the most iconic rockstar's hair is a dream come true," Bashir says. "I definitely cranked up Led Zeppelin on my way home after leaving the shoot."

Bashir used SUN CATCHER Power C Boosting Leave In Conditioner on the rock god, and gave him a bottle to take home, too.

To achieve separation, Bashir began by pulling apart Plant’s curls and deliberately placed the hair where she wanted the texture to be most visible.

Next, she pumped and emulsified SUN CATCHER into her hands, and squeezed and scrunched the product into the ends of Plant’s hair for moisture and definition. She then separated the surface curls and face-framing texture, adding SUN CATCHER to each piece for texture definition.

“For polish, I added more SUN CATCHER to my hands and glazed over the surface of the hair to moisturize any surface frizz,” Bashir says. “I then finished the look with a dime-sized amount of BADLANDS Dry Shampoo Paste, and massaged it into the scalp area to add a bit of natural-looking lift at the crown.”


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