The Look

Outer Space

Flexible Hairspray

OUTER SPACE is what we call a “working spray” and is what stylists use on set to constantly change looks.

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Thickening Spray

DALLAS is the quintessential step to the mega blow-dry: It gives you the option of volume at the roots and control at the ends, as well as body and shine.

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Salt Spray

Rockaway is the closest you’ll get to looking like you’ve been at the beach without stepping out of the concrete jungle.

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Shine + Texture Spray

The perfect “selfie hair spray”, TROPHY Shine + Texture Spray adds slight texture, dry shine, and flexible hold to hair for overall perfecting, instead of just a hairspray for hold.

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Dry Shampoo Powder

Dramatically refreshes second-day or post-workout hair

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Moisture + Shine Lotion

A light yet intensely hydrating lotion designed for fine to medium and extra long hair.

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