Defining Spray Gel

Amplify or hold texture in curly hair. Create lift and definition for all other hair types.

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Palm Springs

Pre-Shampoo Treatment Mask

Damaged or dull hair that needs a bit of recharge. Will soften and give shine to all hair.

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Moisturizing Conditioner

For maximum moisture, apply ATLANTIS to the areas where your hair is the driest.

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Cleansing Foam Conditioner

Light as air? Sign us up for anything that helps fight the evil forces of gravity. ANALOG is the only step you need to weightlessly soften and condition, no matter what kind of hair you've got.

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High Dive

Moisture + Shine Crème

Styles that favor moisture over hold; smooth-textured looks.

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Flexible Gel

If you ride a motorcycle, you know it can take you just about anywhere. That’s how we feel about this flexible gel. MOTORCYCLE has the support and control of a gel with the flexibility and shine of a wax.

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Curl Primer

Primer for styling of curly hair.

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Pomade Mousse

Perfect for creating second-day texture and separation while retaining body.

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Glossing Wax

CONTINENTAL is a lightweight, non-greasy, high shine water-based wax with the perfect reworkable hold.

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Intense Detangling Spray

Detangles unmanageable or dry hair. Conditions and hydrates weightlessly.

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Smoothing Oil

A light oil that leaves hair impossibly shiny and frizz-free.

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