The collective live on stage.

Introducing MAGIC WAND Brow Gel and DARK WAVES Fragrance Gel. Both created to solve problems and make styling easier and more precise whether in a salon, on a set, styling a show or at home.

MAGIC WAND Brow Gel: After using R+Co gel products on brows, The Collective wanted a simpler, portable product they could keep in their kit to take to and from set. They created MAGIC WAND for smoothing and defining brows, but it can also be used on sideburns, flyaways and other baby hairs.

DARK WAVES Fragrance Gel: An idea that came after The Collective kept hearing that models loved the R+Co fragrances so much that they would use the products as perfume.


Brow Gel

A tack-free brow gel that tames and conditions.

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Fragrance Gel

A long-lasting scent that melts into skin.

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