Root Touch Up Gel Black

A root touch-up gel that delivers temporary coverage

$26 / .5 fl. oz.

Availability: Out of Stock

Place two drops into palm. Then, rub between fingers to break encapsulated beads and apply to dry hair.

Paint a better self portrait with ART SCHOOL, a root touch-up gel that delivers temporary coverage without leaving hair dry, flaky or stiff.

Good For Lightweight, flexible hair gel infused with encapsulated pigments provides buildable, natural looking coverage without leaving hair looking dry or powdery.

Vegan, Cruelty Free

Panthenol: Penetrates hair and provides hydration. Coats strands and adds a natural sheen.

Glycerin: Naturally occurring humectant helps hair retain moisture.

Soybean Seed Extract: Moisture retention and shine.

Turmeric: Promotes a healthy scalp environment.

Silica: Micronutrient that improves tensile strength and condition of hair.

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