Get the Look Steven Yeun

Actor Steven Yeun, best known for his role in the critically acclaimed horror drama series, The Walking Dead, donned this season’s best suits for the November issue of GQ. Inspired by the 2015 Chinese film, Office, R+Co co-founder and editorial stylist Thom Priano went for the polished, business-like look suitable for any Ffith Avenue address. “I wanted everyone in the shoot to have a very sever look,” said Thom. “And we made sure that Steven stood out from the rest.”   

Get the Look:

  1. Apply JACKPOT Styling Creme to damp hair and style. Let dry in place.   
  2. Once dry, brush through the hair and add a small amount of CONTINENTAL Glossing Wax.
  3. Finish and set with OUTER SPACE Flexible Hairspray


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