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As former Secretary of State and current frontrunner for the Democratic Party presidential bid, Hillary Clinton demands the attention of just about everyone. And while she can usually be seen debating on CNN or speaking at a nomination rally, she reaches out to a different audience while appearing in the March 2016 issue of Vogue. Garren cut and shaped Mrs. Clinton’s customary conservative flip into a style that was a bit grander and a touch more groomed than usual. “Hillary is very dynamic, authoritative and in control,” said Garren. “So while I wanted her to look regal on the pages of Vogue, it was very important that she was comfortable. This shoot was not about turning her into a hair statement.”

Get the Look:

  1. Prep wet hair with PARK AVE Blowout Balm and blow dry using a small-to-medium round brush.
  2. Place medium-sized Velcro rollers on top for volume. Spray the base of the rollers with OUTER SPACE Flexible Hairspray and diffuse the rest of the hair while the rollers are still in.
  3. Pull rollers out and use fingers to manipulate hair into place. Work less than a dime-sized amount of CONTINENTAL Glossing Wax through hair to tame strays and add shine and separation.
  4. Finish with OUTER SPACE Flexible Hairspray to set and keep positioned.


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